MDM FILMS Mission Statement

At MDM Films our goal is to build an independent team of creative individuals whom share in a united goal of creating the most provocative and entertaining Independent Feature Films that will stand the test of time. Like the great movies of the past, we strive to make sheer Entertainment, with great stories, characters, locations, and cinematography.

Matthew D. May

Matthew D. May

Executive Producer/Writer/Director

As a Child, Matthew always dreamt of working on a major motion picture. In late 1983 he moved from a small town in Oregon to Los Angeles, California. Matt immediately started to work on many AFI, USC and UCLA student films. Soon after, he set a career goal to be a writer and director of movies. He was getting more work in lighting and electrical jobs for film projects, so he headed into the film set lighting field. While working the set he made a personal goal to observe and learn as much as he could from "every" director that he has ever worked with.

Matt then began to work bigger and better film projects. In late 1988 he moved back home to Oregon and continued to work on features and "Movie of the Weeks". Matt met more and more people and got more calls to travel and work even bigger projects. Over the years he found himself working with and observing some of the most interesting and creative directors in the industry:

Matthew also found himself working along side of some of Hollywood's biggest stars; Samuel L. Jackson, River Phoenix, Marlon Brando, Ben Johnson, Johnny Depp, Burt Lancaster, Pierce Brosnan, George Kennedy, Burt Reynolds, Cuba Gooding Jr, Sylvester Stallone, George Clooney and on and on... With over 25 years of hard work, determination, learning experience, and well over several hundred film and video projects behind him, Matt now feels he is ready to move on.

Matthew is quoted saying "I know many new directors have come out of film school with little to no film, let-alone directing experience. But I feel I have gone through a better teaching environment than anyone could have ever paid to attend, The School of Hard Knocks".

John D. Strauch

John D. Strauch

Line Producer/ Multi-Media Entrepreneur

John Strauch is a television, video, photographic, and multimedia marketing professional working from the Willamette Valley in Salem, Oregon through his company Mid-Valley Media, Inc, dba, MVP Majestic Video & Photo and Killer Video Productions.

His projects serve to reflect his many talents and diverse skill set. Currently he has a full plate as he works with a number of organizations and events which include NewTek, Inc, Willamette University Athletics, KWVT Television, Surge International, Stampede Professional Basketball, Jackson Rayne Magic, MDM Films, and more.

With projects like Northwest Cruise TV and feature film projects through MDM Films, John is always on the run. And, with an understanding in web streaming, has been helping organizations "go global" with their content, creations, and communications.

Michael Gonzalez - Mike G

Michael "Mike G" Gonzalez

Producer/Casting Director/Actor

...a long way from his hometown of Portland, Oregon, where he graduated from McNary High School in 1997, it didn't take long before he headed south and became one of the "go-to-guys" for raw urban talent in Hollywood. His first gig on NBC's Tonight Show with Jay Leno led to notable television appearances and the casting of the "gangsta" element on The Shield, CSI: Miami and in the feature films Domino and Crank.

Most recently, Mike G. was featured as the official "Full Throttle" Low Rider Pro in the Coca-Cola Company's advertising campaign for their high-energy drink.

What's next? Look close in your favorite new urban music videos, crime dramas, and action films - chances are you'll be seeing Mike G. or one of his players in action!

Michael A. May

Michael A. May

MDM Films Producer, Director, Field Producer

Michael got his degree in Film from Biola University with and additional year of Film Production studies at Orange Coast Community College. After College, Michael took a different path out of Film School. He began working PPRS Audio and made Dolby Sound Tracks for Motion Pictures. Then moved into the Audio Rental Industry and soon became known through out that Industry as the "Can Do Kid", when he took and turned new companies into Multi-Million dollar leaders. Soon after he was offered a very Lucrative contract with a major music recording company and consistently progressed in that field for almost 15 years. In 2006, he decided to move-on and get out of the recording industry, and continue back into Films. He started again at the bottom, as a Production Assistant and within 6 months was promoted to Production Manager for a prominent L.A. based Production Facility. He was then promoted to Field Producer of 'The Incurables' in Season 3.

With Michael's ambitious, hard working, "I'll Do Anything to Get the Job Done" attitude, he's earned a full range production skills and ability and the full gambit of not only Producer/Director for over 25 years, but also cameraman, pre and post supervisor credits for all his years of Film, TV & Recording industry experiences. With his proactive attitude that focuses on creating ideas and plans for correcting issues and obtaining results, he handles daily projects. He has Dynamic communication skills with customers, clients, talent and crew and the ability to motivate and accomplish tasks quickly. His Extensive experience with a variety of scripts and budgets for various projects, and his keen eye for detail in all aspects of a production. With his strong work ethic and his commitment to delivering profitable and timely results Michael is a huge asset to MDM Films.