status: Pre-Production

Action, Suspense, Thriller

"Elude" is a Feature Film that will take the audience through a dangerous cat-and-mouse game between an unsuspecting couple and a gang of meth dealers when they entangle in the deep woods of Oregon.
The Lost Treasure


status: In Development

Family, Mystery, Action, Drama

X marks the spot for this smart, fun-filled, heart warming family film. This movie will surely take you on an adventure and leave you feeling good about the true treasure that you're bound to find. within.


status: Pre-Production


This touching documentary follows the life of an elderly inventor, afflicted his whole life with A.D.D., O.C.D. and Asperger Syndrome. His problems have now compounded so much so, he now is in trouble with the IRS and the Mortgage Company, and stands to loose everything he holds so dear. Watch as we follow along, while he fights his afflictions to create and sell a one-of-a-kind invention, and races to pay them off, before he looses it all.

Previous Projects

Lake Noir

MDM FILMS Co-Produced Lake Noir, in association with Masch productions.

Lake Noir Synopsis
A group of friends head off for a secluded gataway and encounter more than they bargained for. 'Nothing good happens at this lake' warns Ol' Mr. McAvoy to a group of unsuspecting campers looking forward to a "fun time" at a secluded lake. Little do they know the lake's sordid past, the lake's horrible atrocities and the resident of the lake who does not take kindly to visitors. 'Mike G.' stars in this old school horror film loaded with action, adrenaline and the occasional unexpected life ending experience that traditional horror lovers have come to know and love.

Producers: Jeffrey Schneider - Abel Martinez - Matthew May - Mike G.
Director: Jeffrey Schneider
Writer: Abel Martinez Jr.
Starring: Mike G. - Geno Romo - Bob Olin